Wrongful Dismissal Compensation Claims In London

Wrongful dismissal is usually termed as one where insufficient notice was given, or there was a significant lack of satisfactory grounds for terminating the employment. In circumstances were the dismissal has breached terms within the original contract between both parties, wrongful dismissal claims may be considered. It is also not necessary to have had a contract if de facto obligations exist.

Further reasons for wrongful dismissal:

• Discrimination due to race, colour, disablement and age.
• Retaliation for any claim or complaint filed by the employee.
• Refusal to commit an illegal act instigated by the employer.
• The employer does not keep to the procedures outlined in its own handbook.
• Harassment in any form, leading to a wrongful dismissal.
In the UK a contract may not actually be terminated in the first instance. The employer prevents the employee from working and thus earning. The employee then has to find other work to survive, thus breaking the contract themselves; this is termed a Repudiatory Breach.

Wrongful dismissal claims cannot be considered in the first month, if the contract has certain specifics or in a case of gross misconduct by the employee. A wrongful dismissal is not always an unfair dismissal, there are differences. If the employee leaves without warning and breaches the contract then that is called a Constructive Dismissal.
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