Family Law Claims In London

Family Law actually covers a whole range of issues; most of them are to do with when the relationship goes wrong, although obviously it also covers marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

• Divorce and Separation procedures and issues arising from them.
• Adoption regulations and procedures.
• Annulments, in which the marriage was invalid from the start.
• Settlement of property and goods after divorce.
• Legal obligations to provide alimony support and also child support.
• Child custody and visitation issues.
• Child abduction. The removal of a minor by one parent.
• Paternity Testing using genetic fingerprinting to determine a link between the parent and child.
• Paternity fraud, when a woman will claim a particular father, in order to gain financially or for other self-motivated interests.
• Marital rape occurs when there is non-consensual sex with a spouse; it is a particularly nasty form of domestic violence that could end in a jail sentence.
• Inheritance and legality of wills after death.

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