Housing Disrepair Claims In London

Obligations for both tenant and landlord should be written into every tenancy Agreement. It is also an obligation of the landlord to make sure that tenants are aware of what they should do in all cases, bearing in mind that many people coming into the country, may have a poor knowledge of the language.

Housing disrepair items such as gutters, piping, toilet systems, roofs and already installed heating will be the landlord’s responsibility. However, property owners have a right to expect the tenant not to cause damage, unless by accident and to pay the agreed rent on time.

There is also a Health and Safety obligation with regard to vermin control, leaking roofs and broken floor boards, or anything that causes the tenant possible health risks.

A tenant can also claim for housing disrepair if the situation is making them ill, their property is damaged by damp or they are the victim of undue landlord pressure or bullying.

• In the first instance a compromise should be sought between the tenant and landlord.
• If it cannot be sorted out, the tenant can request that the problem be resolved within 21 days, otherwise the landlord will be taken to court. This will have to be done in writing.
• After 21 days you can apply to the County Court for compensation. If the figure is less than 1,000 pounds then it will be dealt with in the small claims court.

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