Asbestosis Compensation Claims In London

Although basic asbestos has now become a product that has almost vanished in building work, asbestosis claims are still lodged. Many people are suffering from its after effects from past years, when the dangers were not fully understood. Older people, who worked in its conversion from a natural element into industrial sheeting and insulation and others who demolished buildings containing vast quantities of the product, have been particularly damaged. They are now suffering breathing problems and many can only live with the aid of permanent pumped oxygen.

The term leather lung is often used to describe the shortness of breath and wheezing caused by the scarring and fibrosis of damaged lungs. Quality of life is greatly diminished by lung cancer and the inability to breath.

Continuous Coughing and serious weight loss can also be symptoms of mesothelioma in which the protective sacs around vital organs are attacked.

Being confined to your home or even a single room creates traumatic psychological stress and may instigate depression and the onset of other medical problems such as blood clots from lack of movement.

Despite the time gap involved, it is still worth investigating at no cost the possibility of an Asbestosis claim, if you feel that an employer was negligent in their mandate to protect employees.

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