Industrial Deafness Compensation Claims In London

If you are exposed to loud noise on a continual basis whilst at work, it is likely that eventually you will experience some hearing problems. It is the employers’ responsibility to ensure that safety standards are maintained and that they supply all required equipment to protect you. There are variations of noise pollution, the steady regular volume caused in the general workplace or use of such things as jackhammers, drills, chain saws and heavy machinery, which should be under 80db but hardly ever is. Another form is often called Acoustic shock syndrome and can be initiated by gun shots, explosions and even being in a heavy rock band. Surprisingly even call centre workers are now making Industrial deafness claims due to internet phone headsets without noise limiters on them.


  • Construction and engineering
  • Heavy prefabrication.
  • Quarry work, shipbuilding and road repair.
  • The Music Industry.

Tinnitus is a common complaint; people experience whooshing, ringing and roaring sounds that often change frequency. This can occur in one or both ears and be temporary or permanent. It is very stressful and impacts on a person’s social and private life. Deafness of any description is not easily rectified and the onus rests firmly on the employer to prevent the situation in the first place.

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