Industrial Disease Compensation Claims In London

The work place can often be a very dangerous environment and it is the duty of the employer to protect its workforce from any and all dangers. Most Industrial disease claims come from exposure to harmful substances or conditions on a daily basis and over a long period of time, although damage may occur very quickly in the first instance and not be noticeable.

The employer should have:

  • Provided adequate apparel to protect the individual and minimum contact with dangers.
  • Secured all possible contamination and abided by health and safety regulations.
  • Researched the possibility of exchanging dangerous chemicals for less harmful ones.
  • Carried out regular tests and checks not only on machinery but also on personnel.

Types of potential problems:

  • Diesel and carbon monoxide poisoning, potentially found in garages and mining work.
  • Benzene is poisonous if exposure occurs to the fumes. It is found in natural gas from crude oil and could used in solvents and detergent production and also in the shoe and pesticide industry.
  • Mercury is a neurotoxin and used in fungicides and batteries.
  • Exposure to Iron oxide, tin oxide, coal dust or noxious fumes such as nitric acid.
  • Physical problems such as Repetitive strain injury, white finger and deafness from continued loud noise.

Types of Disease:

  • Emphysema is started by dust in the lungs and causes shortness of breath which may result in a life reliant on oxygen tanks.
  • Silicosis, a form of quartz dust is found in workers involved with sand blasting, mining or in a foundry.
  • .Coal miners cough, Farmers Lung and allergic asthma.

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