Occupation Dermatitis Compensation Claims In London

There are basically two types of dermatitis, one caused by irritation and the other by allergy. It is often synonymous with eczema, but is in fact far more of a temporary reaction that can often be limited by the removal from contact with whatever is causing the effect. Occupational dermatitis claims normally result from contact with contaminates such as wood dust, solder fumes, powdered latex, epoxy resins or liquid strippers.

Food processing and catering accounts for a surprisingly high percentage of claims. This is due to contact with flour and sugar, citrus fruits, spices, meat and fish, amongst others.

A job that requires continuous washing of hands and detergents is called Wet work and is also a regular contributor of occupational dermatitis claims.

If more than one person in the same work space is complaining of similar reactions, then it is likely that an irritant or contaminant is the cause.

  • Do workers use potential harmful products and has the employer given full information about dangers?
  • Have all complaints been investigated and followed up by safety representatives?
  • Has safer alternatives been found, for instance cotton lined latex gloves?

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