Occupational Lung Disease Compensation Claims In London

There are numerous industries that present a possibility of lung disease over a period of time. It is the duty of an employer to guard against hazards and protect the workforce they employ. Industry standards need to be up to date and enforced and those in the workplace fully informed of all dangers and procedures, or risk occupational lung disease claims.

Lung Hazards in Industry:

  • Cement dust containing Silica, found in the building trade.
  • Plastic granules in moulding and pre-forming.
  • The printing trade uses isocyanate based adhesives.
  • Stonemasons and quarrymen exposed to silica dust.
  • Welders and people who solder jewellery are exposed to rosin and various gases. Iron and tin oxide also pose a threat.
  • Furniture and woodworkers are four times more likely to contract lung disease than other types of workers, and are susceptible to cancer particularly of the nose.
  • People in the waste and recycling business can contract disease from micro-organisms and come into contact with asbestos dust.
  • Coal workers can contract Pneumoconiosis; this may not even show till ten years after first exposure to crystalline silica, they could have even retired.
  • Asbestosis, hypersensitivity, malignant mesotheliomas, tuberculosis and lung cancer can all potentially be linked to work processes.

If you are suffering from any symptoms that you regard as work related, then speak to our experienced solicitors via our live-chat feature. An occupational lung disease claim can be discussed on a no win-no fee basis.

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