Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation Claims In London

This is a very common condition caused by over use of nerves and tendons that have to repeat the same movements continuously. Awkward positions requiring constant adjustment or strain resulting in poor posture can cause pain that can be felt in the fingers and wrist, elbow and arms or neck and shoulders.

Possible Repetitive Strain Injury Claims:

  • Trigger finger named after the popping sensation when the offending digit returns to its normal action, can be caused by continuous gripping.
  • Carpel Tunnel syndrome normally effects the thumb, index and middle finger causing pins and needles, numbness and loss of action.
  • Tennis elbow is caused by the tearing of tendons around the outside of the elbow when over used. Named after tennis’s repetitive actions, it is not surprising that damage to the inside of the arm is called Golfers elbow.
  • Vibration damage can be caused if the worker is required to hold machinery that is constantly in motion.

Did your employer initiate risk assessment procedures or rotate jobs if the work involved long hours using similar movements?

Employers have a duty of care to their workforce. If you feel you have been the victim of RSI then speak to our Repetitive strain Injury Claims solicitors about your situation on the telephone or via our free live-chat feature.

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