Vibration White Finger London

This injury is now called HAVS (Hand, Arm, Vibration, Syndrome) as further symptoms have been highlighted by sufferers. The problem affects nerves, blood vessels and muscles in general, although the common visual confirmation is whiteness to thumb and fingers down to the knuckles, which can last from hours to days. It also has the potential to cause more extreme problems in the long run, due to poor blood supply.

Numbness induced by the lack of oxygen, causes a blueness which later turns flushed red when supply is returned.Workers who use heavy vibrating equipment that need a firm grip are prone to this condition. Chainsaws and pneumatic drills are amongst the worst culprits and cause the most vibration white finger claims.

The cold can also play a big part in Raynaud’s phenomenon, to give it its correct title. One in ten people may suffer from some form or another, particularly those with bad circulation conditions.

Some medicines, smoking and too much caffeine are also possible contributing factors.

The Local Health and Safety Executive have guidelines, but it is another matter whether an employer instigates them. Please speak to us if you feel you have problems in this area. We have experts in all negligence matters, including Vibration White Finger Claims.

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