Ambulance Negligence Claims In London

Ambulance staff and Paramedics are highly trained professionals. Sometimes however the service and front line treatment that you receive falls below what is an expected standard. Ambulance staff have a duty of care to the patient and if that care falls below that standard it might cause you further injury, worsening symptoms or even death.

At Claims London we will question the level of care that you received, the medical notes and information given on your arrival at the hospital. All aspects of your care and treatment will be examined as well as the medication administered. The Paramedic is crucial when responding to emergency call outs and providing swift treatment at the scene of an accident. Mistakes and errors can be made resulting in unnecessary suffering of the patient.

Our medical negligence professionals have the experience in dealing with all manner of injury as well as more complex and severe cases, which include:

• Serious delay or miscommunication by the Ambulance services
• Misdiagnosis of illness and serious conditions
• Delays in giving appropriate treatment
• Incorrect medication
• Failure of the Ambulance service to deliver or refer a patient to hospital
• Fatalities caused by Ambulance crew negligence.
• System failure

We can assist you in receiving the maximum compensation that you deserve as well as any loss of earnings, Private medical costs, Rehabilitation costs, Out of pocket expenses, Affects on your dependants. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can give you a free assessment of your claim under no obligation right now.

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