Birth Injury Claims In London

There are many potential problems before, during and in the early period after childbirth. Your new addition to the family is in a very vulnerable period and needs the care and attention of a number of possible care professionals. In most cases it is a happy if exhausting time for parents. But for a few, medical negligence may impact on their lives to the degree that a birth injury claim may have to be considered, here are some examples.

• Cerebral Palsy is estimated to affect delicate brains in about three babies in a thousand. Originally thought to be often caused by perinatal asphyxia, it is now put down to a combination of events, before labour or in the new-born period.
• Paralysis of the arm can often be caused by injury to the nerves during excessive pulling during a difficult birth.
• The mother may suffer tears to the tissue between the vagina and rectum during childbirth.
• Aftercare and early treatment of any unusual symptoms should be part of the caring mandate for both mother and child, in order to avoid future complications.

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