Brain Injury Claim In London

The brain is very delicate and that is why it is encased in a tough protective skull. But any blow has the potential to permanently damage its ability to function properly. It is critical that correct diagnosis of symptoms is undertaken at the earliest opportunity. Even if the damage appears initially superficial, you need to be aware of possible warning signs.

• Vomiting after the initial accident.
• Loss of any memory, confusion and more serious sudden amnesia.
• Blurred vision or difficulty with speech.
• Serious headache or particular pain points.
• Feelings of pressure within the skull.

If you notice that someone has become confused after an accident, they may not be in a position to act positively, so you may need to initiate medical help.

• Do not wait till the next day to see if the problem subsides.
• Anyone suffering from even slight concussion needs someone with them, to explain the situation to the Doctor.
• During the initial diagnosis any confusion between the doctors and patient is likely to be the cause of any later brain injury claim.

If you feel that you or someone are involved with has been the victim of medical negligence that has caused problems, possibly permanent, then you should consider making a brain injury claim by talking to our professional advisors.

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