Cancer Claim In London

One of the most dreaded situations is to be told that you may have cancer. It is a generic word to cover many different types of cell malfunction. It can affect almost every organ of the body and early diagnosis is critical, late or misdiagnosis can have devastating results.

Here are just a few of the many variants, not all are fatal and modern medical developments have gone a long way to controlling some types.

• Lung
• Skin
• Breast
• Colon
• Rectal
• Prostrate
• Ovarian
• Cervical

A medical negligence or Cancer claim would need to consider that earlier diagnosis and treatment would have made a difference. If you feel that your case warrants a claim, please speak to one of our advisors on 0203 004 6664. They have all the professional experience to guide you, whatever your particular circumstances.

Please consider the following.

• Did you have obvious lumps investigated at an early stage?
• Did you receive specialist advice, or any form of follow up?
• Was there a delay or failure to correctly diagnose the signs?
• Did you have CT or MRI scans, X-Rays or even biopsies?
• Any other medical negligence you feel exaggerated your condition.

When dealing with cancer, delays can be fatal and affect the whole family, not just the sufferer. Claims London understands your concerns, so please don’t hesitate to call and investigate a potential cancer claim with our knowledgeable and friendly professionals.

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