Fracture Claim In London

Orthopaedic medical negligence is not uncommon. It can lead to decreased mobility problems that will often be of a permanent nature, causing difficulty in everyday life and even possible loss of earnings. Deformities can also cause stress, anxiety and loss of confidence.

A Fracture negligence claim may be considered if you have experienced:

• Failure by your Doctor to follow up your case or to arrange appointments at the fracture clinic.
• Being told you only had a sprain and being issuing pain killers, when it was obviously much worse.
• Your symptoms not typical and therefore a wrong diagnosis occurred.
• Restriction of movement of broken limb not sufficient or plaster removed too early.
• Rehabilitation and physiotherapy insufficient or caused further problems.
• Infection in the wound for example, pressure blisters or ulcers on the incisions not treated correctly.

Consider if your specific case warrants a fracture negligence claim by speaking to one of our professional advisors. Our no win-no fee obligation and no solicitors fee regardless of the outcome, should put your mind at rest.

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