GP Negligence Claim In London

It is natural to worry about your health and most of us put our faith in the professionalism of our local doctor. We tell them things that even our friends don’t know. This trust in their knowledge is generally well placed, but there are times when things can go wrong and a GP claim may be something to consider.

• Failure to diagnose something which later turns out to be serious
• The Doctor did not arrange for you to be referred to a specialist.
• Prescription errors which resulted in complications with the original problem.
• Missed very obvious tell-tale signs, because of lack of proper investigation.

Most of the time we recover from our minor ailments, but if your condition is a precursor to something serious, then you have a right to expect the appropriate course of treatment. Medical negligence may rarely be intentional, but if the result is that you suffer complications then a GP claim may be necessary in order to gain some reparation for your condition.

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