Midwife Negligence Claims In London

The birth of your baby is a very emotional time. Much faith is put in your midwife to help you through the actual birth as well as the preparation in the months leading up the birth. However there are times when you can be let down by the negligent actions of your midwife. These might include:

Trauma to the mother:

• Difficult and prolonged labour
• Significant perennial tearing
• Caesarean section wound infection
• Extreme post partum haemorrage
• Pre-eclampsia
• Death during childbirth

Possible trauma/ injury to the child

• Erb’s palsy-shoulder dystocia
• Hyperbilirubinemia/jaundice
• Baby Hip Dysplasia
• Birth Defects
• Still Birth/ Neonatal Death
• Trauma Injury caused by Forceps or Ventouse Delivery

The antenatal period is crucial for Mum and baby. Thankfully serious problems are uncommon but if you feel you are the victim of negligent medical treatment, even if your situation is not cited above, contact Claims London who will assist you in getting the compensation settlement that you deserve.

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