MRSA and Superbug Claim In London

Many of these frightening bacteria are present in our bodies, but it is only when we become ill, confined to hospitals or nursing homes that the problems can occur. Antibiotics wipe out all the good bacteria in your stomach giving C-difficile, Pseudomonas or other varieties, who are remarkably resistant to penicillin a clear playing field. Microbiological testing has to be free from errors before any antibiotic prescriptions are administered.

These spore forming bacteria are dangerous when someone is weak after surgery and many thousands each year die from related causes. So what should hospitals have done to avoid a possible MRSA and superbug claim?

• Have a fully functioning infection control policy, that includes regular cleaning, wearing gloves, washing hands several times a day and notices wherever possible listing requirements of the staff.
• If a patient is diagnosed with a virus they should be isolated from other patients and not left on the general ward, late diagnosis can prove catastrophic for more than one patient.
• Delay in removing cannula and catheters can cause problems, likewise lack of scrupulous infection control in any similar procedure.
• Any use of replacement joints, stents or other artificial incursions into the body under surgery.

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