Newborn Baby Negligence In London

The birth of a baby is always a special for the parents, but it is also a worrying period and special care is needed from everyone concerned. A lot of early health problems are the natural part of early growing, such as:

• Colds and coughs
• Diaper rash
• Cradle cap, which is a form of dermatitis on the scalp.
• Even some vomiting or reflux due to regurgitated acid bile, often mistaken for colic.
• Watery stools or constipation and ear infections.
• Flat head syndrome caused by passage through the birth canal or sleeping in a fixed position. This is generally not serious as the shape will alter quickly.
However there are other issues that could be cause for a new born baby negligence claim, if undiagnosed or treated quickly.
• RSV is a virus that is one of the major causes of hospitalization. It can cause respiratory failure and even lead to pneumonia.
• Fevers above 100.2 F in a baby under three months. This is often an underlying symptom of an illness.
There are other issues which need to be considered resulting from the initial birth, such as:
• Failure to perform a caesarean section correctly.
• Failure to monitor lack of oxygen to the brain.
• Side effects of chemicals used to expedite delivery.

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