Prescription Negligence Claim In London

There are over 40,000 prescriptions or medical errors within the National Health Service in any one given year. Most may be slight, causing only minor inconvenience, but others have resulted in major problems and in some cases death. Many occur in pharmacies from dispensing mistakes, but also increasingly in Care homes and in private home nursing from agencies.

The following list highlights some of the potential disasters that may result in a prescription negligence claim:

• Overdose caused by extra strength given instead of the requested prescription.
• Doctor unaware that certain drugs cannot be used together or failure to check what the patient is already taking or even giving completely the wrong medicine or treatment.
• Not taking children’s age and weight into consideration when prescribing medicine.
• Giving intravenously when the drug should have been given intramuscularly.
• Some mistakes are life threatening, such as the administering of warfarin or Heparin wrongly. This could in some cases cause a pulmonary embolism.
• Dispensing powerful analgesic painkillers is dangerous. Aspirin is mild and morphine and codeine are obtainable under prescription, but others are opioids that can cause repertory arrest and have a high probability of addiction.
• Transition from one drug regime to another can also cause serious side effects.
If you feel that you have just cause to seek a prescription negligence claim, please talk to our experienced claims solicitors at Claims London first.

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