Psychiatric Injury Compensation London

Psychological trauma is one of the most complex areas to consider when you are making a psychiatric injury claim. This is why it is imperative you discuss it with dedicated and knowledgeable professionals such as our expert solicitors at Claims London.
Post-traumatic stress syndrome has become well known ever since combat stress became big news. However anyone is open to symptoms, be it from a past accident or situation in which they found themselves part or witness to life changing events such as death within the family or friends. Symptoms do not always manifest themselves till sometime after the event.

Mental health issues are not confined to sudden events; many have suffered varying degrees of mental unrest since their early years. So what can be considered valid reasons for making a Psychiatric injury claim?

• Failure by authorities to recognise or investigate suggested warning signs in a patient.
• Absence of appropriate care.
• Breach of duty of care and causation of problems.
• Substandard procedures.
• Inappropriate medication
• Failure to consider possible physical or other causes.
• Failure to protect and put in place measures to control self-harm.

Psychiatric patients are very vulnerable; if you think there has been a case of medical negligence, please talk to us.

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