Surgical Negligence Compensation London

Luckily most operations go according to plan, but every year the Department of Health reports on numerous “Never Events.” These are procedures that are so serious they should never have taken place. Most surgeons are dedicated professionals but due to such things as lack of communication, long hours, and misdiagnosis causing the wrong type of surgery, mistakes can happen.

Cases for a surgical negligence compensation claim have been successful for a number of situations including:

• Retained objects in the body after surgery.
• Failure to obtain proper consent.
• Wrong or unnecessary amputation
• Failed breast reduction or implants.
• Failed Cosmetic issues.
• Nerve damage or infections due to failed sterilisation procedures.
• Keyhole surgery, lumber puncture and spinal biopsy problems.
• Gynaecological and urological negligence.
• Wrong levels of anaesthetics.
• Orthopaedic problems arising at a later date because of issues at time of operation.
• Health procedures not implemented or ignored.

Let Claims London build a case for you after discussing your specific situation. Talk to our team of friendly experts at no cost to you and let them analyse your chances of a surgical negligence compensation claim.

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