PPI Claims In London

Have you taken out personal protection Insurance, commonly known as PPI during the last ten years? It will have been offered to you when you sought a loan or credit card facilities with a financial institution, normally your bank or building society. Many people have reclaimed large sums, which the Government has ruled was taken wrongly by the loan provider. Not all PPI policies were sold wrongly, but many high profile companies have been fined by The Financial Services Authority for malpractice.

You can still apply to claim back money even if:
• You have already paid back or cleared any loan or credit card.
• You have previously made a claim.
• You no longer retain the original paperwork.
• Were you self-employed or even unemployed when you were accepted for a loan?
• Did you receive any refund after early repayment of any loan?

If you feel that you were pressed into taking out PPI or it continued even after you topped up or renewed a loan, then you may have a claim. Some institutions may have suggested that without PPI you would not be granted a loan.

Talk to claims London about your situation, you may find that we can recover what is legally yours.

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