Slip, Trip or Fall Claims In London

During our lives we may suffer quite a few accidents, hopefully most will be slight, but what if something serious happens? By far the most common are slips and falls, at home, in the street or at work. You may only suffer a bruise to your body and your pride, but you could also easily break a bone, put your back out, dislocate a shoulder or inflict serious head injuries.

When our climate decides on excessive rain or snow we all have to be careful, but what if the incident occurred because of negligence on the part of an individual, company or local council? Oil on the factory floor, a badly maintained footpath, cables left lying around are all examples of a disregard for Health and Safety. Working environments can be dangerous places to spend your day and that includes offices as well as factories. The appropriate authorities have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for those they employ.

Despite all their best safety efforts, it may not be your employers who cause the problem. People have a habit of leaving things lying around, the proverbial banana skin. If an accident happens because of someone else’s negligence, then you have a right to claim compensation.

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